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About Us

JCS is a nationally recognized management consulting firm founded in 1986. For more than two decades, the JCS consultants have worked on hundreds of projects with social service, behavioral health care, general health care and government organizations throughout the United States. The JCS team can work with your staff and management on a broad range of projects from high-level strategic planning to detailed lean six sigma improvement projects. We offer a flexible array of organizational enhancement services designed to help your organization improve productivity, reduce cost and enhance quality. JCS will help your organization to:
  • Jump-start your planning, quality improvement and automation projects
  • Design and  implement a TQM and CQI system
  • Enhance organizational effectiveness through a lean six sigma process
  • Identify and mitigate risks
  • Leverage your human and technology resources
  • Assess operational strengths and weaknesses
  • Collect, analyze and interpret feedback from clients, patients and personnel
  • Implement cost-effective IT solutions to improve productivity
  • Design and implement dashboards and quality performance indicators
  • Assist with accreditation and regulatory compliance
  • Capitalize on opportunities in the marketplace

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