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What our clients are saying

“In all our dealings with the employees of Johnson Consulting Services, we have found them to be knowledgeable, aware of the human services arena, sensitive to local political issues, committed to providing a quality product, and willing to work within constraints that might arise. I would highly recommend them.”

L. Kauffman, Regional Planner
“Based on our experience with JCS during our in-house automation project, and their previous consulting engagement with the CT Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, we can highly recommend them”.
R. Rimmer, Turn-Around Management Consultant
“Mr. Johnson’s detailed knowledge of current systems, and his clinical and management background was indispensable in guiding us towards purchasing a system to meet all of our clinical and operational needs. His professional demeanor, extensive knowledge, and people skills were a great asset in bringing a large number of diverse staff to a consensus opinion of action.”
S. Craw, Projects Administrator
“Our consulting engagement was initiated by a detailed needs analysis study. This expanded the re-engineering efforts which were started by our staff, and provided us with valuable insights into our operations.” “Based on our experience with JCS, and the high level of professionalism exhibited by all of the employees, we would strongly recommend the use of their services.”
D. Farone, Director of Finance and Administration
“Mr. Johnson has been thoroughly professional and ethical in his dealings with our Board. He has spent many hours meeting with staff to identify organizational information needs and resources for replacing our existing system.” “Mr. Johnson and his associates have helped us organize our tasks so that we can prepare efficiently for our new system, and minimize the time that will be required to complete a successful transition.”
D. Heil, Ph.D., Program Policy and Planning Director
“Mr. Johnson’s professionalism and skills have made an extremely difficult and confusing decision more manageable, organized and confident. Further, his ongoing support and advocacy has been invaluable even when the whole process and plan seemed in jeopardy.”
C. Butts, Executive Director
“Johnson Consulting Services is a firm which I would highly recommend to any organization with a need for consulting assistance in the areas of management information systems, management and financial systems.”
P. Dinan, County Administrator
I found Mr. Johnson to be intelligent, capable and extremely conscientious in performing the duties required in our consulting projects.”
G. Vogelsang, County Auditor
“The Recorder’s Office staff found Mr. Johnson to be very professional, understanding and cooperative. He demonstrated his knowledge of computers, and his overall consulting abilities were excellent. I would recommend him to other agencies with similar requests.”
C. Green, County Recorder
“My partners and I had a great deal of success working with Mr. Johnson”. “I would highly recommend him and definitely would work with him again should the need arise.”
B. Saltz, M.D.
“The county has been very pleased with its relationship with Mr. Johnson and strongly recommends him to any firm seriously considering changes in the field of computerization.”
P. VanderSchie, Executive Director
“I am writing to express my appreciation for the services Susan Johnson provided to us over the last year. She arrived at a time when our Budget Office complement was seriously depleted by multiple resignations. Fortunately, we were able to turn over the revenue budget to her. With her organizational abilities, she formulated a plan to address market conditions and considerations of the hospital departments. She was very well received and immediately developed healthy and productive relationships with our managers and physicians.” “The University Hospital will benefit from her work for years to come.”
D. Jarrod, Assistant Administrator for Financial Services
“Johnson Consulting Services has provided invaluable support services in the past year.” “I would recommend that any prospective organization in need of an information management consulting firm that specializes in working with healthcare, social service, and government organizations consider Johnson Consulting Services”.
E. Knox, Network Administrator
“Many projects run into setbacks because of people problems, we have been able to control that situation because of Mr. Johnson’s personality and ability to get along with people and his willingness to work with and cooperate with all departments.”
L. Katrak, Combined Services Superintendent
“The use of a consultant like Mr. Johnson was a wise investment for us, and we would recommend his services for anyone in a similar predicament.”
J. Archibald, General Manager
“In all activities Mr. Johnson and his personnel were extremely professional, knowledgeable, communicative and friendly. They worked hard in helping us achieve our desired objectives and I would recommend them to anyone.”
K. Elder, V.P. Marketing and Sales
“Unquestionably, Mr. Johnson is very good at his business! We would engage Johnson Consulting Services again, and would recommend the services to those in similar situations.”
R. Vogel, Senior Partner
I found Mr. Johnson to be intelligent, capable and insightful. His ability to focus his attention immediately to the task or problem was refreshing.” “His problem solving ability and personal attention to our project reduced the expected time of program development by 50%, and cost us 60% less than the next lowest bidder. As a result of his professionalism and successful handling of our project, I can, without reservation, recommend him highly.”
J. Wheeler, President
Mr. Johnson was instrumental in the development of our strategic planning and helped with the design of our sales and marketing management system.” “During this time we have found Mr. Johnson to be very creative, intelligent and productive. Without reservation, we would recommend him highly as a business consultant.”
M. Kern, General Partner
“In the consulting environment, Mr. Johnson excels not only in his practical “nuts and bolts” approach to business planning and operations, but always seems to get along exceptionally well with his clients. Clients respect his ability for problem solving and his practical approach to developing solutions. He not only is highly recommended by me, but I’m sure by each of his clients.”
R. Mattlin, CPA, President
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