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JCS Process Improvement Services:

The JCS consultants will work with your current quality team to identify problem areas and develop cost-effective, workable solutions. We will streamline your mission critical operations leading to increased productivity, reduced cost and enhanced quality.

We will work with your quality team to consolidate and standardize your documents and streamline the flow of information throughout your organization. The process of re-engineering your operations and simplifying workflow is particularly important for organizations that are undergoing change or facing organizational challenges. It is also essential when undergoing an expansion, merger, or acquisition, accreditation, and when engaged in automation projects.

Contact JCS today to find out how our Performance Improvement consulting services will help eliminate redundancies, simplify overly complex activities, and increase organizational effectiveness. Some of the Process Improvement Services we offer include the following:

  • Creation of a cross-functional Process Improvement Team
  • Functional Analysis of your documents and workflow
  • Compliance with governmental regulations, accreditation standards and third-party payers
  • Development of an electronic Document Management and Imaging System to organize, categorize and manage your documents
  • Standardization of your policies, procedures, and documents across departments, locations and operating units
  • Integration of information technology into workflow processes to increase productivity and reduce cost
  • Continuous Quality Improvement projects as required for the JCAHO Psychiatric Core Measures
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